August 9, 2022

5 Secrets About How To Get Admission In FMS Delhi for MBA in 2022

5 Secrets About How To Get Admission In FMS Delhi for MBA in 2022 that no one will tell if needed find and click the link to read more.

FMS Delhi Admission Criteria: Key Changes in Process

Following changes are introduced in FMS Delhi MBA admission criteria and the final selection process for the 2022-24 batch

  1. Group Discussion (GD) may be conducted given that the PI round is conducted physically
  2. New Component ‘Discussion on Statement of Purpose’ is introduced in the final selection
  3. Personal Interview (PI) round and Extempore may be conducted Online
  4. Maximum weightage awarded to Personal Interview (PI) Round
  5. MBA Seats increased to 287 including supernumerary seats
  6. MBA (Full Time) Programme Fee Increased to Rs.1.92 Lakhs from Rs.25,000/-
  7. Additional marks are added to the Composite Score in the case of women candidates for the purpose of shortlisting

GD Round in Admission 2022

In its admission policy 2022, FMS Delhi had replaced the GD round with Discussion on Statement of Purpose (SoP). However, it is likely that GD may be conducted as the PI process is conducted in physical mode. FMS awards a weightage of 10% to performance in Group Discussion (GD). While GD is conducted before PI, the Extempore with a duration of 2-3 minutes is conducted during the Personal Interview. For the MBA admission 2022, weightage to GD was dropped as the PI round was earlier proposed to be conducted online for the shortlisted candidates. The weightage for GD may be restored, in case it is conducted

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